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  1. And I'm guessing either Kevan or Brig absolutely hates Kandomere and it's not Billy? Does Kandomere know these guys? Kamdomere must think Billy hates him.

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    1. Kandomere was born in November of the year 1468, he is 550 years old. However, he has not celebrated his birthdays in public for a long time. Hardly anyone knows his true age. It is generally believed that he is around 130 years old.
      In his younger years he was addicted to sex and infected himself on another continent with syphilis, and then spread this venereal disease in the European city, where he then lived. He did not know that it was a serious illness, she was not yet well known. When, after consulting his doctor Quinto, he realized that this illness was more serious than he thought, he wanted to avoid the reaction of his parents, and forced the doctor to tell his parents nothing. He also said that Columbus' sailors are responsible for the spread of the disease.
      Kandomeres mother has always been extremely worried about Kandomere. Out of fear for Kandomere she wanted to have permanent control over her beloved son, because he often risked his life in his younger years. When she learned that Quinto had concealed Kandomeres's advanced illness from her, she killed this doctor in rage. In the end, Kandomere got well again, the doctor Cassian, his father's youngest sister, cured him - since then she is Kandomeres family doctor.
      For Kandomere, Cassian's medication was the only way out, but she refused to give it to him. Then he said depressed that he wants to die, but unfortunately the translation did not exactly reflect the fineness of the term used. The purpose of Kandomeres desire to die should only clarify his agonizing state, which he can no longer endure. He meant it only in a sense of resignation. Something like this: Kira does not want him, Cassian does not want to give him the medication, and he hardly endures the torment, so he has no choice but to die to escape the depression. It was meant only as an expression of hopelessness.
      When Kira's bite on Kandomere's finger turned brown, it was a proof to Kandomere that they could not be true companions. However, Cassian believes from her experience that Kira is still Kandomeres companion, but perhaps because she is human, there are no companion signs with her. Kandomere had then to admit that he had at least unilaterally, from his point of view, recognized Kira as his true consort.
      To solve the mystery of Kira's indifference to him, Cassian gave him the task of thoroughly remembering the first meeting with Kira, looking for any hidden clues.
      To the scene with Kevan and Grig: The Barista Billy is of course completely innocent, Kandomere has not suspected him for a second. Kevan and Grig keep Billy's soul in a comatose state in Kevan's body, in Billy's apartment. They use Billy's body for the mission.
      Kevan has prepared himself and rehearsed Billy's memories long before, but then, in practice in the cafe bar, he had some difficulties, so he had the mishaps. From Billy's memory, Kevan knew all the processes of Billy's work, so he knew that Kandomere often stays late in his office, where there are no house cameras, and orders espresso. he used that for his plan. In the espresso he had put in a herbal substance. Kandomere noticed while drinking, and that he knows this smell, but he could not remember what it is. So he thought it was an aromatized coffee strain. Only then, when he got dizzy and convulsive, did he remember this herb, and that it is a rare midnight rue used for high spells. Then he became aware of the context, and someone else had to be in Billy's body, someone unknown who hates him and wants to eliminate him. He knew that the spasms were caused by the substance in his coffee.

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      1. What do you mean Kira is his consort? Do you mean mate?
        And so in this story Kandomere is not from Venezuela, but a European country. Which one if I may ask?
        How is his relationship with his parents now? Do they live I'm the US also?
        And when did Kandomete come to the states?

        Hmmm.....I have a feeling that Kevan and Grig are from when he Kandomere was younger. Like some kind past event made them this way.

        So even in chapter 1, Billy was being inhabited even then?

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