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  1. cubic fauve

    This is great! Love the alien food traps intro, and Teyla and Ronon checking he's OK - especially this "like he's trying to squeeze his affection for John straight down into his bones". And how being blindfolded makes John vulnerable and turned on enough to finally talk. The voices were great - John's was spot on, and Rodney's was a perfect mix of bossy and tentative. Just so much in it I enjoyed - Ronon's pork pie hat, and Rodney's brief hysterical paraplegia, and the wraithbears and John's s'mores seduction plan for Rodney (which would totally work). Loved it.

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    1. combat boot, pizza, camo pants = punk

      Rodney would be so susceptible to s'mores as a form of seduction! And if John brings the good chocolate, Rodney will be so busy trying to hog it all that he won't even notice he's sitting on the ground. Bonus: toasted marshmallows are very sticky and require a lot of licking of one's fingers, and, possibly, teammates.

      Thank you for the wonderful feedback! <3

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