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  1. It's getting worse as in what you said in the last message:

    "Alternating depressive, lethargic or aggressive behavior, delusion, loss of reality and suicidal urge would be the symptoms of the partner disease."

    And you said that you were gonna try and update every week? Or at least often?

    I've read some stories where an author will start a story, and then abandon it. Oh I hope that doesn't happen with this one! This is too good! 😫

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    1. Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad that you liked it so far, but chapter 3 becomes a bit too explicit and rough, maybe you will not like it that much anymore. It will not be everyone's taste.

      In any case, Chapter 3 comes very soon. I just have to modify it a bit for the translation engine.

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      1. Oh trust me I don't mind the explicitness at all! I love it when it gets explicit. ;)

        But you do plan on posting often? Even if it's not in a pattern?

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        1. Yes, I plan to post about every week for the time being.

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          1. Yay!

            Hey, I just thought of something.

            If you said that Kandomere's sexual desire dropped 16 years ago, and then developed erectile dysfunction, how was he able to fuck people, including the secretaries?

            Also, does he speak Spanish along with Elvish?

            And will you let us know if you start posting more infrequently?

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            1. So - his sexual desire decreased sharply 16 years ago, but he still had no erection problems. He lost almost all the lust, but he still forced himself to have sex with the women, because he feared that he otherwise completely loses his sex drive. But that happened a year ago anyway. Since then he also has the erection problem. At the moment he may be able to peak, but only with considerable difficulty.

              More comes in chapter 3.

              As an elf, he speaks several languages, including Spanish and Japanese, as he spent several years in South America and Japan.

              And yes, when I see that it interests any reader at all, I will announce when, approximately, a new chapter is to be expected.

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