Comment on Five Things Frost the Fox Said

  1. I kind of hop around when I see different movies or shows, but my main fandoms at the moment are Zootopia (which probably doesn’t come as a surprise :D) and Red Rising which, I’m just finishing the books and I think only 74 fics is not enough 😄. Every so often I come back to Black Lagoon & The Creatures fic - if you haven’t guessed it, they’re the YouTubers I mentioned in my answer above. It’s mostly for nostalgia :P

    As for types of fic, I go back and forth between a bit of a longer story with actual plot and a bit of spicy stuff dabbled in, and shorter fics which are just something fun, fluffy, or PWP. It kinda depends whether I’m looking for something to pass the time or if I’m looking for something to replace a book I finished so I’m not bored at lunch every day :P

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