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  1. Well any fiction that is deleted, the author of said fiction gets a copy email to them. Honestly I'm of the mindset that if you willingly and knowingly remove yourself from a fiction as an author you're giving up all rights to that work, actually right now I'm dealing with that particular scenario. Not that you in particular care but maybe someone of importance will come across this post on here. So I co-wrote a fiction with two OC's Nathan mine and Caleb my ex co-author's the work is of the not-safe-for-work variety and also contains not safe for work art. Now my co-author a while back was afraid of his Circle of Friends finding it I'm like okay don't delete it please I'm really proud of it it showcases my writing groups abilities and talents which he was apart of so he did the responsible thing and removed himself from the work giving up ownership and giving me total responsibility. But now months later he's come to me and ask me to remove the art, change a few descriptive features of his OC and also changed the name of his OC which he abandoned. And I thought about it and I have nothing against him personally but doing any of the things he asked would seriously compromise the quality of the fiction, hard work that again I am very proud of and am quite pleased with as is it would essentially ruin the fiction. So I simply told him no. And to be perfectly honest I was actually going to read it over again edit it a bit for grammatical errors throw on a few more tags and update the post date 2 let more people see it again. However in the context of him not wanting more people to see it I've decided not to do this because that would be a dick move and I don't want his friends to see it is that might ruin something for him I get it I just don't want to ruin my fiction but I also want as many people as possible to see my work. What's the point of working tirelessly painstakingly on a work of fiction having multiple beta readers look at over even sometime commissioning art for said piece just to have only a few people see it. But I digress and that's getting into a different subject.

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