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    1. They swear because they care.
    2. I wish I was that productive, TBH, generally I just clean like a mad person.
    3. Best way to enjoy any fair/festival food!
    4. ALWAYS
    5. A good trope! No specific reference in my mind at the time, just a good avenue to get her to think about more physical implications of a relationship.
    5b. Now, Naoto herself had no idea what the account joke was... however I just thought it was around how Mitsuru herself would be compelled to do the examination xD
    6. TOTES WAS MY INTENTION! There's just something so profound of being accepted by a group of people because one of the members was like "I pick this one" and everyone else is like "Okay, you're one of us now, so good luck."

    Again, so glad you enjoyed it!

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