Comment on Kidnapped: A Comedy

  1. Lovely bit of a story for a Monday morning. Poor John, his limp is back. His life must be so boring without Sherlock. It does make me wonder though what Mycroft and Lestrade need with John today? Something important enough that since they can't reach John, they have to go out of their way to find him? Hm... wonder what that can be.

    This is a lovely line by the way, "Cod, who look like he just bit into a lemon and found a worm"

    Best bit of course, is when John decides it's not fun anymore and goes about wrapping things up to leave. Grand, he's got another gun. Wonder how many he has now? I wouldn't have thought he had the limp when he left though.

    So, is there more of this John? John without Sherlock, but carrying on? I hope so. Following you, just in case.

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    1. If you notice, he has a limp for all of chapter 1 (feels no threat) and no limp for most of chapter 2 (rather serious threat) until the immediate danger is past.

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