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  1. What's the end goal of the conversation? Who wins the argument?

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    1. Ultimately, Butcher wins and Ibara starts questioning her religion which was Butcher's goal

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      1. Shiozaki: Then he is not a true hero. He is a monster masquerading as a man of God!

        Butcher: So why does your god allow him to become the face of heroics in america, the most influential country on the planet? Over a billion people, especially children, look up to that cunt like he's the second coming of Christ? All while kids with no quirks are being fucked over and others with powerful quirks are regarded as saints?

        Shiozaki: Because it is part of-

        Butcher: 'God's infante plan', right? If that's true, then what's the end goal of this 'plan'? Death war and disease ever since the beginning of time and for what? A book some fools made up while they were busy shoveling herbs up their noses? 'God split the sea for Moses'? What a crock of shit!

        Shiozaki: But...

        Butcher: Look, lil' miss: I'm not saying this to fuck with you or make you cry- that's the furthest from my mind. I'm telling you this because the sooner you realize the cluster-fuck of a sham you've been sold will lead you nowhere, the sooner you can think clearly and focus on what really matters to you on this Earth.

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        1. This is all I could think of on the matter. I believe in God, so this is a fish out of water type of thing for me. The first assignment you gave me was literally the most foreign!XD

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        2. Oh yes, I'm definitely adding this to chapter 4. You got Butcher sounding perfectly in character.

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          1. Nice to see someone other than my English teacher likes my work!

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            1. I'm already considering adding dialogue between Yuga and Frenchie with Frenchie calling Aoyoma a disgrace and insult to the France

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              1. I have a feeling that if they were both adults, there'd be a physical altercation.

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                1. Oh yeah definitely

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