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  1. ohhh nooooo naoto D: hang in there!!

    you don't have to answer me here, but i'm wondering if the goal or sidequest in this fic involves them smooching or... - considering the type of people they are

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    1. HM! How do I answer this question without spoiling things too much...

      I'm taking inspiration for Akihiko's interest in physical intimacy from P3P FeMC's romance route, which leads to the conclusion that he's a physical guy, he's interested in physical aspects of a romantic relationship, but would never let a desire like that dictate his romantic interests.

      I picture that Naoto's more open to romance as she's grown, but it doesn't change the fact that she's more focused on the intellectual than the physical.

      HOWEVER, Akihiko's a smart, perceptive guy while also still being physically inclined, so I think that's part of what intrigues her....

      SO smooching would be a side quest for them, if anything. Not a primary goal. Plus, I do try and take these ratings seriously, and it is Teen for a reason :)

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