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  1. I don't ever want to get off Synch's wild ride. Cute opening domestic scene, helping around the orphanage. Dante getting chewed out for never servicing his guns properly and taking his beating as he deserves it. Nice to know the twins are pitching in with what they can to help Nero and Kyrie!!

    and of COURSE Vergil knew what she's talking about and caught on, why waste such a perfect opportunity to have a little fun and stress relief. I feel he might have mentioned something himself if she didn't just because he DID come prepared after all... he was hoping to tap that again. I really enjoy the banter through it all!! And well the smut is SSS rank as always, I'll be reading this about a dozen more times that's for sure!

    Will we get some more Vergil POV in later chapters, I wanna know what that man's thinking ya know??

    Much love and keep up the good work!!

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    1. Mags you are too good to me, pls stop, you gorgeous person, you. ;A;

      I feel like I keep adding more and more to the "things I love to write" list as time goes on, but cute domestic slice-of-life moments are 👌👌👌👌👌 Especially when it concerns a series that doesn't portray day to day life much. I just love figuring out what normalcy could potentially be like. ;A;

      Also yes he absolutely would have asked. The boy is currently still a bit prickly, but he ain't shy!!!! He knows what he wants!!!!!!!!

      And god there will be moments where there'll be glimpses into his thoughts, but soon. S o o n. Perhaps quite soon. 👀

      Thank you so much Mags, I appreciate you so much.. ❤️❤️❤️ 😭😭

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