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  1. Oh my gosh, I mean. Only having known your writing for a little while I mean. I KNOW it's gonna be satisfying, dude. 😊
    NO UUUUUU---!!! 😢😤💛💜❤💙💚

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    1. .....Julie I want you to know that your enthusiasm and support gives me so much life... I'm just... at a loss for words each time and all I'm left with is grossly sobbing into my hands ;A;

      Also a friend of mine on tumblr says she loves you for similar reasons.

      (I may or may not have gushed about... this... recently...)

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      1. Ajfienti I'm glad- ;A; don't sob, don't sad. ;~; LMAO You GUSH about me~? I'm shook. Gimme a second to compose myself haha. 😂 Nah I joke- I'm flatrered I can make someone so happy- >///< prepare for more gush cause I'mma stick around like chewed up gum on those new shoes you just bought and love. And also CAUSE NEW CHAPTER LMAO-----!!! YUH YEET. 😍💙💙 All that hot Vergil filth gives me life. And also you do with these responses. 😊

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