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  1. i'm buzzing with excitement thank you for my serotonin
    gonna be honest, i'm overdue for a reread of this series as a refresher (i actually downloaded them onto my kindle hehe) and i'm super keen to fall in love with it all over again
    honestly this chapter alone just feels like coming home (hah the irony) with all the magic mentions and that feeling of rediscovering the characters we all know and love
    thank you again and i hope life starts treating you well!!

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    1. YES I AM BACK!
      (well... slightly delayed but still!)
      and you're right... this did feel a lot like coming home. i am glad to be back in this universe & telling stories i've wanted to tell for a long time!
      life is still kicking my butt most of the time but i'll get there.
      thank you thank you THANK YOU so much for continuing to support this thing! i had to step back for a bit to take a breath but i do hope to update this soon! <3 <3 <3

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