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    Congrats on your first TPN work! This chapter killed me with the fluff, but I cannot help but be scared because of what seems to be coming on the plot— I wonder whether RayRay knows they’re trapped in human-traffic. Just like in the original storyline, the amount of pressure our precious baby boy is dealing is so much— dark circles under his eyes at the age of a mere nine? That’s the age you should get 12+ hours of sleep, my precious baby boy.

    Also— my NorRay trash heart just d i e d when you compared Norman’s love for Emma to Norman’s love for Ray, like— more of this please, d a m n I love how Ray’s little rare moments of self expression is cherished so much by our golden boy. ;A;


    “Electromagnetic Theory and Transmission Lines.

    Norman hums internally. That, also, is so Ray.”

    I am a science major and I’ve got a friend of mine who is majoring Physics, he is a really intelligent guy at the age of 21 and last semester he was almost crying abouy his Electromagnetic Theory class. I remember peeking at his lecture notes and being like “nnoope I’m out—“ but he told me this is essential to actually comprehend what’s going on in the universe of Physics.

    My precious, adorable little baby boy reading electromagnetic theory at that age? Good god, I just want to smooch his cheeks and carry him to bed and give him honey milk and read bedtime stories until he falls asleep, and I’m willing to stay by his side all night if he seems to have nightmares?? I can’t. I fucking can’t. I’m going to cry. NORRAY IS TOO CUTE, NORRAY IS MY LIFE, NORMAN PLEASE TAKE CARE OF OUR NERDY BOY THANK YOU.

    Good luck for the next chapters!
    Also I may be the only person who read this before reading the fanfic it was inspired from, but hey this appeared first on my suggestions.
    Anyway, good luck! ❤️

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    1. OMG it's you! I love your fics and this comment honestly just made my day :D
      Alsoo wow science major is cool! I'm actually a psychology major, and I just pulled out random book title from google that I think would have anything to do with nullifying an electric device so I had no idea how the book's difficulty level is, lol XD
      But well, our boy Ray is a smart little bean so he'll be okay XD

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      1. Aaa thank you— You’ve always been so supportive of my stories since day one, how can I not at least leave a comment when it’s you who write it— ;A;

        Molecular biology, to be specific. I’m doing some research, though I’m on summer break now! Anyway, I’ve got some strong base in the other fields of science and math too so if you ever need to ask something for the story -or whatever-, feel free to come to me!

        Yes yes, I remember RayRay reading mechanical engineering books at a smol age so it’s actually realistic! Our baby boy is just so smart, I need to smooch his cheeks and tuck him to bed and make sure he is happy and loved ok—

        (Says me as Ray’s sad in almost all my fics)



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