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  1. Awwwww. Thank you so much for this lovely comment. I'm kind of amazed that we managed to endear Jimmy so much to you that you think of him as Clint's proper partner now. This is SO COOL.

    The thing with these characters is, I seem to keep collecting them. I find new "Lost Boys" everywhere and back when this verse hadn't exploded with x-overs quite as badly (in the beginning there was only Alex, then I added Ellie and Sebastian and then I had the idea that Danny should meet other Steve and Bucky and BAM there went the nice and tidy character list) I had already told Taste about Street and his tragic childhood and his manipulative mother and how much she is screwing things up for him. I felt badly for him and I think he is a genuinely loving and caring character with a horrible sense of self preservation (like some other people we know, right????) and then Taste added him for me in the last fic. And then we talked about his history. How he came to bond with Clint. (I still hope Taste will write that at one point, we did so much discussing and stuff, it's already like 5 k of words anyway) And then I really, REALLY wanted to write his mom screwing him over - that was my basic plot idea. In discussions with Taste we had to adjust the plot several times so it would still make sense and be somewhat believable (Alex and Ellie and their gifts already existed at this point and I still plan on finishing that other story that ties in with the part Taste wrote for me) and cut out yet another fandom I was about to add (Damien Scott and Michael Stonebride as the New York Alpha pair). It's been a wild ride for sure but highly satisfying. As for "the Germans" ... Sebastian is German, Ellie is actually British. (The actors are Tom Wlaschiha, whom you might know from Game of thrones if you watch that, and Naomi Battrick. The show was called Crossing Lines and can be fond on Netflix) . And yeah they are pretty cool. ;)

    I'm not sure who is who either, but I'd agree that we make a good team. This was a lot of fun to write.

    Thank you again!

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    1. 'Till the End of the Line

      I hear you about wanting to add ALL THE CHARACTERS. I just finished watching 'The Darkest Minds' and now I want to add Liam Stewart to *everything*

      Looking forward to you next chapter!

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