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  1. This is my favorite one yet! I love how George is such a bad electrician. All the song references are really good as well.

    This made me think about how the movie Yesterday just came out. I think it's more interesting to see a world in which the Beatles didn't make it big - yet - but someone else did, and what the Beatles are doing instead. That's more interesting to me than a world where the Beatles didn't exist and the whole culture that was going on at the time just didn't fill in their gaps. Because there would be a big difference if Beatlemania hadn't happened!

    I also appreciate how many things went into the Beatles becoming so famous. If not for a thousand little decisions, they wouldn't have become the Beatles. And this is a cool look at a particular decision, and how it could have gone.

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    1. tangerine-flavored chocolate candy

      Wow! thanks for all your thoughts. I'm so glad you liked the story!

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