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  1. “Kacchan, that’s so cheesy,” she teased, squeaking when he pinched her cheeks. “Ow!
    “Shut up! Stupid Deku!” he growled, pulling on her freckled face. “I’m trying to be romantic here!”
    “Ow, ow! I yield, I yield!” she cried out, giggling in his grasp

    You guys are nerds! *laughter* God they're so cute

    “What bothers me is that people think that two close friends who happen to be the opposite sex must be in love with each other,” he scoffed, looking annoyed. “Like fuck, we’ve said we’re not dating, people need to let it go already.”
    “Hmm,” she hummed in agreement, thinking on it.
    “Oi, stop that,” he barked, causing her to look up at him.
    “You’re overthinking shit again, stop that,” he clarified, throwing an arm across her shoulders. “It’s not a big deal.”
    “Yeah...” for some reason her chest felt funny.
    “B-but,” he stuttered before coughing into his fist, “y’know, I don’t hate the idea of d-dating you. That’s not what bothers me. I... I just hate people making assumptions about us, y’know?” he asked, looking away from her.
    “Y-yeah, th-that makes sense,” she nodded, face turning pink. “Um... I-I feel th-the same w-way, i-if you were wondering.”

    Thank you so much for writing this, it's so great

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    1. Thank you! Hope you enjoy my other works too!!! Thanks for the comments <3

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