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  1. Fukfukfukfukfukfufk
    Whataaaaaaa story!!!!!!!!
    Damn! Love love love love it

    Sorry, still a bit thrill here.

    WoW. Just

    What a dramatic (it's not a fix it, it's what should've happened) thrilling story yet captivating me to continue to read even missed my ride to work! (Now I'm trouble)

    The past is something I never ever want to read in any fics, it'll be break my soul and I might need to buy oxygen to breath.

    Do you have plan to write about 'we dont tell abt Egypt'? Ooohhh I wish you would ^^

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    1. Damn!!!!!!!!!
      The 2nd chapter is soooooo much teasing, I read it again as soon as I was back, and writing a comment again jsut coz I couldnt hold it alone XD

      Thumbs up to Alex rescue!

      I didnt and dont rly like what they did with Raven character in Future Past, and how she was hateful(?) or having this weird I love and hate my sibling feeling with Charles. (And why the heck they always make it "it's your fault Charles situation or what did you do Charles?" It's like.....torture I tell you. A telepath, a mutant among mutants but still get misunderstand every single time.)
      And yours? I cried when she apologized even if it's too late or not. Just it was so heartbreaking. Thank you for that.

      I cried too when my 2 First Class (Janos and Angel) were gone, and the fate of those in the past........that's....I want to erase it from my mind.

      Erik as the gay, jewish, separatist (not anymore?) and grumpy President (with his husband who can bend the world, pun intended.) who's never willing to smile or small talk for public? Hell yeah!!!!

      I was a bit confused when I read the 1st chapter, like where? what? when? how? situation, and maybe there's some that unexplained by the end, still I like this.
      I will come and read again. Even better, I'd put it in my kobo to read ^^

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    2. Thank you for the comments on both fics.

      Yes I do plan on doing the Egypt story to follow with the series - it's still in the early stages of development.

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