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  1. This is such a good read. The language. The writing style. The way you described scenes and interactions and dialogue~ Everything is soooooooo good. The flow is amazing. Not too quick and not too slow. Even paced throughout all of it. You somehow even managed to get me to like all these new characters you keep popping into the story and it's only the first chapter!

    Why did you pick the name Narumi?

    Oh! He's a Namikaze now. Minato grew up as an orphan, right? Did he even know his parents? He was already in the academy when Uzushio fell, but he hasn't graduated yet, right? Will Narumi take Minato back to Uzushio with him? Hell, will he be taking Kushina back? Is Kurama even in Naruto at all? SO MANY QUESTIONS! THIS IS ALL SO INTERESTING~

    Wow, ok. Was not expecting the confession through mind interrogation between Naruto and Tsubame. Did I expect? No. Do I like? Maybe. Do I ship it already? Shit, yes. *slaps forehead* Why am I such a multi-shipper when it comes to Naruto???

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    1. Narumi comes from a combination of Naruto and Minato. It also means "the roaring of the sea," which I liked.

      As for Minato, we'll find out more about him as we see more of him in the story!

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