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  1. I have just had a work added to the T.V. show listings when it is actually a film.
    I have made a note on the summery about it, if anyone could correct it please?
    Thanks very much Tag Wranglers!

    Up Date:
    Many thanks! Sandy.

    Last Edited Mon 08 Jul 2019 07:19AM EDT

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    1. blooming evening primrose

      Hi Sandy,
      If you added a wrong fandom tag by mistake you should be able to change that youself: click the "Edit" button for you work, add the correct fandom tag and remove the incorrect one and then save your changes.

      If I misunderstood what your problem is or in case you have further issues with tagging/tags, you should contact the Support team by opening the page where your problem/question occured - e.g. your work with the wrong fandom -, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Technical Support and Feedback". This will get you an answer much faster than posting your question as a comment to a News post (where it may not even be read by someone who is able to help). :)

      I'm not Tag Wrangler or a member of the Support team, but I hope my answer was helpful for you nevertheless.

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      1. Hi Nightcandle.
        Thank-you so much for all your good advice I really appreciate it. :D
        No it wasn't by mistake on my part as It was a new un-recognised fandom, and even though they are being added much faster than in the last few years from the un-rec listing groups, it was an easy mistake for anyone to make this time, as the title's of the fandom are 'the same'!

        I add many new fandoms to the varied listings and enjoy doing that still.
        I will certainly take your advice in future about the support team should anything occur in future so many thanks for that!
        Cheers. Sandy.

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        1. blooming evening primrose

          Thank you for your kind and detailed reply Sandy!
          Best wishes, Nightcandle

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