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  1. I am loving the tone of your writing here. As always, it's comedic in certain parts and very vibrant and vivid with action in others--very refreshing! I helped and cheered at the part where Peter said "Don't. Touch. Him." Bc hell yeah! There's my bamf spider baby!! I could really feel Tony's emotions, too, when he admitted he was scared of losing Pete. Oof. Oof oof. Knowing what's to come in the next chapters, you got me QUAKING, fam. Excellent work. 👌

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    1. Hey thank you babe!! You'd better make the most of the comedy because it ain't sticking around... oop
      It's great that my writing was able to evoke such a strong response!
      Oh boy, I don't think I've even told you the half of it...
      Thankee again, you superstar

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