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  1. Dude, this story is well written and interesting with unexpected turns. Sexy, dark, and twisted.

    In response to the note you added at the end: You also did a great job tagging so everyone should know what they're getting into when they decide to read this one and you've done a very good job setting up the world to illustrate that the Clan are flat out not good guys so I really don't think you are in any way romanticizing abuse. (I do hope they develop feeling for Changkyun and become all protective and stuff because I'm a pathetic sap and want a happy ending.. or hopefully at least a happyish ending, lol. But that's up to you and I know you're going to take this story where it needs to go regardless and that may not include any sunshine or rainbows.)

    I always get worried when I see authors start apologizing or over-explaining what they are trying to convey because it could mean they are reacting to negative feedback (real or imagined) and no way should someone as creative and talented as you are let readers drive your narrative. (We aren't supposed to like everything.. the story would lose all the dramatic tension and become just another cookie cutter fluff fic if we did!!)

    This new development with Jaebum was unexpected and has definitely caught my attention! Thanks for another great update and I can't wait to see where you take this story next!! :)

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    1. oh my god. THANK UUUU for such a long comment and analysis on my story 💕. i’m quite certain where my story is will go since i’ve thought abt it a lot every day, but i can’t say what will happen. i’m quite spontaneous so things may happen differently when i write it. i won’t write too much so as to not give away too many details but thank u so much for enjoying this story !! i typically read quite a few twisted tales of love on ao3 and tbh was v inspired by dirtyretro’s cherry blossoms and unpaid debts for this story, but ofc its vastly different. jaebum has a big role and it’s all bigger than you’ll expect. once again thank u for enjoying my writing uwu

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