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  1. I can't decide if this was a dream sequence or if Sienna is coming in and out of a coma. Is she Kimiko living Sienna's dreams or is Sienna living Kimiko's dreams? Or both at once? AUGHHH I CAME OUT HERE FOR SOME FANFIC AND I'M FEELING SO ATTACKED BY MULTIVERSE BLEED THROUGH THEORY RIGHT NOW

    Hopefully Light just thought that Kimiko was hopped up on painkillers and isn't going to pay much attention. Though hoping Light doesn't notice something is asking for it, so I'll not get my hopes up.

    I am a fan of self-insert fanfics! I admit it freely! I've read a bunch of 10th walker fics, a bunch of Harry Potter fics, a bunch of Young Justice fics! If it's good enough, I can even read for something if I'm not in the fandom. I think that actually more of the ones I read were into Near or Mello, but there were a few about L and a few about Light.

    And. Look, I love L the Goblin. He's my favorite character from Death Note and I still tear up when I see him die. But I also agree that he gets too flandarized in fic, and that as an actual person I would avoid him at all costs. But he is definitely a chaotic neutral Slytherin and not to be trifled with. Kimiko, honestly I think that the only way to win against L is to not play.

    If only this plot could be solved by proper application of hugs, there would be so many lives saved. It wouldn't be as good of a story though, so I am looking forward to the next chapter of PAIN to come!

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