Comment on Ruling Child

  1. Ooh, yeah, Light's descent into madness is definitely accelerated with Kimiko trying to be a moral armrest for him but simultaneously throwing herself headfirst into situations she hasn't thought clearly about. Such as, as you said, touching the Death Note—she definitely wasn't thinking when she did that, instead assuming it was safer to be able to hear Ryuk, not realising how hard it would be to ignore him. (But maybe she'll use it to her advantage? Who knows~)

    Additionally, Light isn't far along enough to know that the Death Note can't kill indirectly—that's something he figures out later, since the only rules listed in the Note he got were the original four. Hope that cleared it up!

    And about Kimiko's clear apathy on Light literally murdering people—at this point, she's known for so long that Light would be Kira, that she'll likely have desensitised towards it. Like, "Yep, Light's killed them." You're absolutely right, she's looking too closely at the effects on Light to actually open her eyes to what he's actually doing. She's in for a real shock later, that's for sure.

    Also, as for what Ryuk's implying—that's a whole other can of worms, heh. Feel free to speculate! And Hayato? Hayato is suspiciousTM.

    Thanks for reading! ^^

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