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  1. ah thanks! honestly, I know a lot of people hate Seungri right now, and tbh I don't like him either, I just know that I really ship daeri lol. I know exactly what you mean, it's a bad time to be a VIP right now, especially for me because I joined the fandom LITERALLY TWO DAYS before Seungri's scandal. I've been a kpop fan for about a year now, and stan every group I have heard of so far (about a hundred lmao). I've known bigbang for a long time now but didn't stan until recently, although before I became a VIP I was Daesung biased; he's what got me into bigbang. I barely knew who Seungri was until the scandal happened, at the time I only knew Daesung. I know all the members now, and I'm honestly just disappointed with Seungri.

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