Comment on The Dark Fate

  1. You're both half right. Arthur was destined to die, but Zeldris interfered with fate three times (choosing not to kill him the first day, saving him from the bandits, and then stopping Rou). That is the law Zeldris has broken: gods aren't supposed to interfere with a human's fate.

    But you are right in that Elizabeth is a goddess, so the same rules don't apply to her. The line between gods and humans are much more defined and more dangerous to cross. Zeldris is taking a huge risk every time he saves Arthur from dying, even when he doesn't realize it.

    Thank you both so much for reading and commenting!! I hope you like the rest :D

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    1. Ahh makes sense. I understand now. You truly do write a good story Lickitysplit. I cannot wait to read the next chapter.

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