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  1. amazing work! omg the ending i love it but you cut it off at the juicy bit * teridactly screeeching*

    Also I'm not sure but i think I found a small typo, thought you'd like to know
    "The reactions this declaration draws from Vivi and Luffy is instantaneous."
    It kinda doesn't make sense unless you meant vivi and ACE.
    Either way thx for the chapter

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    1. I also saw that as well as when Crocodile LOVED up instead of LOOKED up. But yes this is a really interesting story and I hope that I get to see it grow. P.S. Sorry for the caps, it's just that the keyboard I'm typing on doesn't have italics or bold.

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      1. Thank you, sorry again about the mistakes, i'll get them sorted out now! =)

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    2. Thank you so much I'm glad your enjoying it still!!!

      Oh thank you for pointing out the mistake I'll fix that now, down side of only being able to write and upload super early in the morning sorry about that.

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