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  1. I can’t wait to read more! This should be a detective anime! Have you watched double decker! It’s a detective anime I could see wei in and it has some humor. Wei is just a great character!

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    1. I love DD! Wei Wuxian is exactly like Kirill, they would be probably two halves of the same idiot, sharing the same brain cell, omg I'm lmao
      And thanks for commenting!

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      1. I wish I could do anime! I’d add him into the office with krill! Wow that office would really have their hands full then. I love how wei try’s to act so cool and cocky but he is really just such a little boy underneath and such a good person. He’s such s cute mixture of jumping behind lan zhan when a fog comes along (even a tiny toy poodle would make him jump on a desk) and on the other hand he would take a branding to save a girl the mark, bring attention to himself and take the punishment if someone else was being picking on or talked down to. He brings attention to those with skill like wen nigh and he would give his life over and over and take everything on his own shoulders to save others who he cares about or feels are more worthy of living than he is. He just melts my heart and I want to wrap him up in a big snuggly blanket and hug him (he’d prefer lan zhan im sure!) Hes also so bouncy and impetuous and reckless but really smart, brave, cunning and crafty all
        Rolled into one.

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        1. Yes! I love exploring every facet of him, I love how he can be so pure and innocent but at the same time knows the worst sides of life, and still manage to keep his heart and head in place. Whenever he finds himself in a situation where he has to choose between being right and being kind, he always chooses to be kind.
          And the way he always puts himself in danger for any person, animal or even the dead, without expecting anything in return, always selfless. I have such admiration for him, and I find it truly amazing how the author managed to give a soul full of life and humanity to the character, who can be so lowly, full of courage, fighting and winning daily battles, but with a huge heart that isn't afraid to show it's own weaknesses near those he trusts. He really lives up to his name, "never envies," Jiang Fengmian told Jiang Cheng that Wei Wuxian really understood the motto of the sect, and it's true, always putting others ahead of him, which is why in an alternate universe I see him as someone who would always put his life in the crossfire to save someone, and if it was too late, he would give his all to bring justice to that life. Because he respect them equally, I really can understand why Lan Wangji fell so deeply in love with him, I would do it too.
          I would love to watch an anime where he and Kirill were partners, it would be awesome! If you dream of doing it, do it, fight for it, you can, I'll be cheering for you, a dream is never too big that can not come true, right? Attempt the impossible!

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          1. Wow that was such a good quote I think I’m going to put it on my wall! It’s something I truly believe as well as tell others and in my lifetime have seen over and over again to be true but it’s always great to meet a like minded spirit who also believes that!
            “If you dream of doing it, do it, fight for it, you can, I'll be cheering for you, a dream is never too big that can not come true, right? Attempt the impossible!” (Although these words came from you I’m going to consider them from the spirit of Wei as well because I think they are words he would say as well!) Although I still very much know that to be true and believe anything can be grasped and made possible it you truly want it...the older I get and the more health issues I develop on top of disability issues I already have, the harder it seems for me to visualize dreams I want as possible even though I know the could be. It’s weird what illness and getting older does. It starts shrinking your world down smaller and smaller and likewise your possibilities seem more and more distant and easier to see as others possibilities. Right now just hanging on and still being here next year and hopefully the year after in my own space, independent with s roof over my head I call my own and taking care of my own affairs, breathing, eating, able to get out and still do some interesting things...that’s about as possible as I can truly invision for me. This is one of those things that if I said to someone they’d say “don’t say that” but hey it’s true so it’s good to say to someone. Cause it’s also kind of scary, like I’m sure wei felt when he knew he wasn’t going to make it at the last battle when wen nigh went crazy and his own ghost army he lost control of. He knew he couldn’t turn back the tide but he was also just so tired of fighting. There were so many ifs...if he had gone with lan zhan. If he truly knew lan zhan loved him and understood all along when lan zhan said “come with me to the cloud recesses” he meant “I love you. I can’t lose you. I don’t want to live without you. I can’t. Please come with me. Who’re there is nothing left of my wei inside of you. Let me save you and make you whole” instead of “punishment for the very demonic arts that had saved him, saved everyone and turned the tide of the sunshit campaign. The only thing he had to save himself or anyone else after he gave away his golden core”. So many ifs and possibilities and directions wei could have taken at the very end but he could not see through to them or have faith that any of them could be possible for him. He was to tired and to in pain himself. Pain from his sister who tried to save him dying before him. Pain from having to desperate from his brother, pain from his brothers hatred over his sisters death, pain from his ostracism from the cultivators and arts he had fought to develop and love yet unable to explain anything to them without exposing what he had done for his brother when he gave away his core because he was afraid that would break his brother with him and others knowing. Wei worried about everything else and everyone else but himself. Losing even the wen he had tried to protect along with his sister made him I think just to full of guilt and hatred for himself and the broken things all around him. He cared for everyone including the ghosts in their putrid rotten form cause he understand even pitiful unwanted things have purpose and need a friend as well. No one wants to be alone hated forgotten and ostracized so he encompassed them all, the very things he was taught to hunt and kill, to release them so they could not do wrong as vengeful spirits . Instead he welcomed and excepted them and befriended them and took care of them. But imagine the horror within weis mind somewhere deep behind the possession of the yiling patriarch that grew stronger every day. Realizing that was all he had. That everyday after saving so many at the sunshit campaign and testing off the yolk of the wen oppression that was intent on wiping out all other cultivators paths, Wei himself became the new Pariah to them, the one who was hunted to be destroyed and was now despised but only because they feared his power when in truth he would have never harmed a one of them if they hadn’t came after him.

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            1. Wow, you left me completely speechless! I fully understand everything you said, life is never easy, sooner or later we all face battles, we think about giving up or going forward, but just the fact that "going" is scary. I'm also not on my best days, I have an irrecoverable heart disease and I can drop dead anytime, and I've been depressed since I've known myself, I think that's why writing about pain and anguish is so simple and easy for me. I'm 24 and I practically don't leave my house, but everything I can do in here, that I like, I do, I keep trying, pushing my dreams out, so they can at least, exist. Does that makes any sense? Haha.
              Age comes, and with it life slowly dissipates, different from the stories, and from Mo Dao Zu Shi itself, we can't achieve immortality, life is short and fragile, but we can do the most of it while we're still here, our immortality is in our gestures, in the people we touch, in what we leave behind, our art, our poetry, our photos, our goodness and kindness. So don't give up, leave your immortality to those who will still come, don't let them forget your name. This also applies to Wei Wuxian, he left imprinted his immortality in the hearts of those who loved him, Lan Wangji mainly.
              Wei Wuxian had so much goodness and love inside him, this warms my heart. But it was also so painful, to read and to watch, to witness all his suffering unable to do something, empathy and compassion, is something for a few, and that was something he taught me, and I'm really grateful.
              We don't need to like the world around us, but understand it is necessary to survive. We can't sit and wait for the sun to rise every morning, we can't deny what exists and dwells within us, sunsets are the proof that endings can also be beautiful, and the night can also be a beginning.
              MDZS taught me so many things that I could spend all day talking, haha, I don't know you, but I can clearly see us, sitting in a cafe talking about endless things, with you things come easy, thanks for existing, you left only three comments, but it was enough to brighten my month, so thank you!
              And one more thing, yes, it's all a matter of believing and taking the first step, believe that you are able to do everything you want, that everything you've done up here and will do in the future will have a reward, I know now it seems hard to believe, even more with this entanglement of bad things happening around you, but if you don't have faith, who will have it for you? Even if people around you wishes you success and always have the right words of motivation ready for you, At the end of the day, the one who has to go after these dreams is you, no matter how difficult it is. Only you knows your own storms, only you know yourself for real, only you can have the courage and strength enough to get out and fight your own battles. Right? Just like him.
              We have to understand ourselves first, before understand the love others feel for us. And unfortunately they had to go through all this suffering before they understood themselves, this also holds for Lan Wangji, love is never easy, but it will always be worth it if we are willing to fight, and never give up.
              One thing Wei Wuxian said and I take forever is: "You have to remember the things other do for you, not the things you do for others. Only when people don't hold so much in their hearts, would they finally feel free." and that's sooooo true. His strength and beauty is in his selfless heart, and how much he can offer without ever asking for anything in return.
              Even if there is something pulling you to the bottom of the abyss, if you fall, someone will always be reaching out to help you up, even if it's just one person. One is enough.

              And for them, one has always been enough. ♥

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              1. I love how you write so positively. Your words are like a book of wisdom. One I love to read! Thanks for those inspiring words and common sense!

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                1. Thank you! I can say the same about you. ♥

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