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  1. First up: Thank you so much this is an awesome gift ^_^

    Second: There is so so so much of this fic that I love and am now choosing to believe that this is in fact what would have happened in episode 15 if they had gone that far ^_~

    The fact that Can understood the situation and accepted it says so much about Can's understanding and acceptance of things so it really fit in with him coming to terms with and accepting his feelings for Tin. And hell yeah to the accepting Kirakorns, best family ever!

    Again thank you for this beautiful work it was truly amazing. If I had twitter I would totally bug you on there all the time ^_~ XXOO

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    1. You're welcome! 💕

      It was fun, writing it. Also really weird, but fun. 🐕

      This would be a hell of a change of genre if this was ep 15 of LCB 🤭

      Can will get to understand his feelings eventually, now that Tin knows the problem and can actually adjust to it - thanks to Can talking to his dog.

      I think in this universe, if they ever get married, Tin will insist that their family name is Kirakorn, and I guess the Medthanans won't be happy. 😉

      Can might get jealous that Tin has such a bond with his dog now.

      I was also briefly considering letting Tul turn up at the police station because they recognised the Medthanan heir and contacted the family. Tin biting his brother as a dog would have been fun as well - but Gucci would probably have gotten in trouble for it, so I didn't go with it.

      At least Can had to call him his boyfriend. 😉

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