Comment on Mr. Blue Sky

  1. Well now, that was UNFORTUNATE, huh Blue? Better hope you get that green crap off your arm before you turn into a mutant green turtle that lives in the sewers with a rat sensei I... WAIT! WRONG SERIES! I meant before something bad happens to you, or before someone finds out! (Though, I highly doubt you can, considering that this whole story is built on you dude, and that weird green thing)

    (And all the freakin' skeletons love Blue, they all ship themselves with him, and Slims OTP with his brother and Blue together is the cutest!, I ship it too Slim, don't behead me or anything🤗😰)

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    1. Lmao! Blue’s about to be throwing hands and swinging nunchucks in a hot second. Too bad he doesn’t eat pizza often, says it’s too greasy and unhealthy for his illustrious dietary needs :c

      Glad you think Slim shipping the two is cute! He’s a loyal brother through and through. His bro is in love with someone? You bet, he’s gonna do everything he can to hook them up! >:3

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