Comment on A Quartz Contentment

  1. Yeah-- I didn't want to be too bare-bones about it, but I was kind of working off the premise that his little mantra 'you aren't like them, you aren't one of them' was pretty much the only message Peter gave him with the spell. Which, as himself, he knows is half-true, and the resentment of feeling rejected as well as different was more or less enough to change his choices. Because one of the things that struck me about his very difficult relationship with the twins is that they were quite definite that he was one of them. What we saw on Harry's first Christmas with the sweater would be easy to twist into 'they think I'm theirs to change into what I'm not, and theirs to torment,' because it was so impatiently, dictatorially, disrespectfully controlling. But it was loving, it was You're Ours And We Want You With Us, and that's the bit Percy seemed to stop connecting with.

    LOL, true--I meant shock, more, really. He knew to be braced for them to be surprising as well as jerks; the stiffness he has in the books is quite believable as a result of being constantly braced, of refusing to give someone who wanted to startle you the satisfaction. We can read that into Severus, too. It's a different jolt from the kind where you know the situation is serious and you might lose something important but you have the power to make a difference. There isn't much he could do about the Twins, once they decided (probably at about the age of two) that they couldn't both have the life they wanted and care about parental authority or their mother's opinion (although how convenient to have it when it's on offer).

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