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  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for not abandoning this (I was scared for a while) - I absolutely love the whole “Rin gets taken to gahenna by Satan” AU but iv never seen it done like this within the manga-world. It’s really well written and I ADORE the way you characterised Satan! He is so sarcastic and merciless but at the same time you can tell he’s delighted to have the last piece of yuri in the world in his hands. I also really love that little nod towards Rins name in this chapter haha! It made me laugh. In addition you really nailed how while yes, he is an all knowing, indefeatable god - Satan is still somewhat immature and is still wanting to “beat” shiro in the kind of f*cked up childish rivalry they share.

    I only really see either two depictons pf satan: Either A he is an evil tortorious dick who only wants Rin as a vessel or B: hes the best, dad ever and super loving and sweet (gag!). But this is such a satisfying mix of both of those. The way you’ve set this up with Satan being willing to not use Rin as a vessel as long as he listening to him is soooo intriguing! I’m so interested to see what rin chooses to do. Also love how Yukio seems to be torn between resentment and guilt towards Rin. I expect there’s will be some big changes in his character because of this change.

    This is quickly becoming one of my favourite fic’s in this fandom and I’m very much looking forward to the next update (can’t wait to see what you do with the demon kings) . I hope this doesn’t Seem rude but it would be awesome if, now you’re not gonna be waiting for the manga to finish with this arc before carrying on with the story, you begin to update more regularly! It would be super cool but totally get if you can’t.

    Anyway - thanks again - and good luck with future chapters!

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    1. Oh my you have made my night! Thanks so much.

      Satan is a hard one to write. But yes I didn't particularly want him going down the torturous route, so trying something different.

      I will try my best to update more. Especially since the manga doesn't start up again till June! I will most likely try to avoid Blue Night and any past related stuff till it's happened though.

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