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  1. I’m so disappointed (not in your writing, never in your writing) but in Patrick and Shelagh!

    Seriously guys! There’s also only two chapters left! Will we see them with a nice bed with nice white sheets?

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    1. Oh my goodness!!! My stomach dropped at reading the first words!!

      I know what you mean about Patrick and Shelagh, however, whenever I write a scene with them going a bit further, it just doesn't feel right with me. They will get there, I promise, they will just have to wait a bit.

      On a good note (I hope), I will be adding two more chapters and will be posting a new chapter today! :)

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      1. How could I ever be disappointed by your writing. The only disappointment is when there are no new chapters but that is my impatience and not you! I’m off to comment on the next chapter.

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