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  1. Believe me, it was so hard to write her this way (especially with Tangle's 'Marianne' story, which I absolutely love). However, this kind of story only made sense, at least in my brain, with Marianne's character the way she is.

    It has been a challenge, but it was one that I was willing to tackle since I am on this Call the Midwife AU kick.

    I love that you took a chance with this story, even though it was not your cup of tea. You are simply amazing (and it honestly made my day)! :)

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    1. Well, I am so glad that I took a chance too, because it turned out to be just my cup of tea. I just finished it and re-read straight away in one sitting, nursing an espresso and tonic in the Nerobucks cafe (I know what will they think of next). You see I like it when I don't know what to expect and this story just so surpassed my expectations. More fool me because I know how brilliant you can be.

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      1. Giiiiirl... I am soooo happy that you liked this story, but more importantly, I'm happy that there was still a slight level of mystery here. I love digging into a story in which where I stood at the end was completely different than where I though I was going to be when I first began to read it. (That's why I fell so hard for 'Crown Jewels'!!)

        And to see that you re-read this story... that is a writer's dream come true!

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