Comment on Losing our minds, bit by bit

  1. Your writing isn't horrible at all. Honestly what made me want to read this is that you are a good writer even though it isn't my typical AU that I read ha ha.
    I want Keith to get a tablet so he can type to people :( lol Are TBI patients not supposed to have them because of over-stimulation?

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    1. Lol, that makes me feel a lot better, thanks :D

      Also, he'll find a way, don't worry ;)

      And in the book this fic is based on, TBI patients didn't get tablets for a while to prevent any epileptic seizures and stuff, so yeah, kinda :P Then again, I'm not a specialist, I could be mistaken. Though even if I am, I still have a loophole, I won't explain that though because it's a major spoiler... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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