1. I had to google “luxurious private aircraft”, because apparently I do not have a big imagination for airplanes xD
    Ouh, ouh, ouh Tony, do not be angry. It's understandable, but now Steve needs love o3o
    “A pukado” Oh my God, Clint stop xD
    I love how Tony call Steve baby-blue, I really love it. I don't know, is a cute pet name x)

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    1. Had to google some pics myself to get a good visual. They show Tony's plane in one of the Iron Man movies, but I needed more of the details. Those things are amazing aren't they??

      Oh, THANK YOU for giving a shout-out to 'baby-blue'!!! I ADORE that nickname, too. and it makes me smile SO big when someone else says they like it!!!!

      Steve is Tony's baby-blue for sure!!!

      I am SO enjoying your comments!!!! Thank you!!!

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