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  1. Oh my god I could not wait to read this sequel and I'm not disappointed to have waited :)

    Poor Fareeha, it hurts me to see that they ended up catching her and giving him this horrible therapy T_T Not to mention my Hana who suffers the same thing :/

    The worst part is knowing that Fareeha forgot about Angela after all they went through. I can not wait to see Angela's reaction when she sees Fareeha and she finds out what Vishkar is doing to her and that Fareeha has forgotten her :/

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    1. Hello and welcome back! It's so nice to see you here again <3
      I think I got a lot to explore of Fareeha's past now, as this sequel it's focused on her rather on Angela like the last time. Sadly she'll meet her until chapter 3 but I hope the wait is worth it!

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