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  1. This. Is just. First off, I love how protective Papyrus is – the second Undyne threatens Sans, he instantly reacts. Protective Papyrus is seriously my jam.

    And Sans Falling Down. Ouch, that hurt to read. You portray Papyrus's grief and numbness wonderfully here.

    "Sans is−
    His brother−
    I love this series of scenes; it portrays Papyrus's stuttering thoughts excellently. Because he's in shock, and can't believe it. Not at first.

    "He sets Sans down on his bed. He removes his brother’s shoes, jacket, and turtle neck leaving him in his shorts and white undershirt."
    I love the care Papyrus takes with Sans here.

    "He tucks his brother into bed, feeling oddly detached the entire time. Like he’s watching someone else move for him."
    Again, you do an excellent job of portraying Papyrus's numbness at the situation.

    "Leaning against the bed, he pulls his knees to his chest. He feels like a child again— scared and alone— as he sits there staring at the wall. “We were almost safe.”
    Papyrus trembles as he lets the emotions rip through him. How could his brother just leave him alone like this? Was he not good enough? Did he not work hard enough? Could he have done more?"
    Ouch. That hurt to read. Like, a lot. Poor Papyrus. :( But seriously, very well done at portraying his grief.

    I love how nervous and out of her element Muffet is here.

    Damn, Asgore is such an asshole!!!

    Papyrus. You go, don't let them get your brother! Fight!

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    1. Yes ikr! Protective Pap is the best! We need more of him haha.

      I'm happy the way I portrayed his shock and grief was effective! I'd worried if wouldn't come across properly, so hearing that it did is a relief! Thank you!

      Yes I wanted to show how mortified Muffet was to exemplify how much of a terrifying presence Asgore had. (and how much of an asshole he is.)

      Thank you again for the comment!!

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