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  1. I envisioned the Prank being very similar to how it is presented in canon. Snape was suspicious about Remus, a provoked Sirius told him to use the knot to use the Willow tunnel and he did. James notices Sirius' agitation, finds out what he did and tears off to try and retrieve Snape while Peter goes to get Dumbledore. Basically the same as canon (from the limited info given in the books), only in my timeline their timing wasn't as lucky. James was so single-mindedly focused on getting to Snape before he got to Remus that he didn't evade/freeze the Willow as effectively as he otherwise might have (and there was no rat to help him, though this is one thing I don't blame Peter for, the blame is very much shared). So no, (sorry for rambling) Sirius' actions were no more malicious than in canon. Thoughtless, selfish, impulsive, etc, yeah, but I wanted to explore how differently intent is viewed when crisis ISN'T averted, as opposed to when it is.

    Thanks for reading! There is more exploration of these concepts in future chapters!

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