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  1. Loving this!! Do you know when the next chapter will be?
    Also, a side note: just honestly curious, have you read my fanfic? It’s a lot like this! Although this trope is popular so idk, but either way this is really cute! (PS it sounds like I’m accusing you of copying but I swear I’m not, just curious if you were inspired by mine or not)
    Again, love this!💖

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    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! So glad to know that you're enjoying it! I'm about a quarter--maybe even halfway(?)--through the next one, so hopefully in between now and Wednesday, depending on how hard motivation hits me. (Or so she says, before remembering she has an exam that she should be studying for, and also her terrible penchant for procrastinating. So, probably Thursday, if we're gonna be real).
      Answer to side note: Yep, indeed! It did inspire me. I read it and it's honestly super entertaining, like, I mean, angst + humour + accurate portrayal of having siblings? Beautiful, amazing. We love authors who know what they're doing. I've always found fics like these to be absolutely wonderful, and after reading yours, I was like, well, I mean, I'm a decent writer and a this is a great trope that you can do a lot with so, why not go for it? So, yep. You absolutely did inspire with the work of art that is your fic. Thanks, again, and keep in mind that I'll be looking out for new chapters from you as well!

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      1. Yay! Can’t wait! And good luck on the sucks, doesn’t it?
        And cool, thank you! That’s one of the greatest things really, to know that your writing inspires someone else :))
        Also, just a question (I know I’m annoying with questions lmao), is this going to be like a bonding fic so that Hestia can finally not have to put up with these three (I stan Hestia in this btw, she’s such a mood), or are they going to have to go on a quest to get their godhood back? Also, is this set in the pjo world?
        Again, loving the cuteness, we stan Hades and Poseidon cuddles

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        1. Oh, my word, school is all the different kinds of awful, but such is life, y'know? As for inspiration, I know the feeling. I have a friend who's drawn some stuff based on things I've written and seeing them and knowing that she was inspired by something I made is just, the greatest feeling ever.
          Questions! I love answering questions! I was planning for it to be mostly bonding with a crisis happening in the background that they'll need to help with eventually, although it definitely isn't the main focus. It's just hanging around and freaking them out 'til it gets too bad and they have to actively focus on it, like anxiety. It is set in the PJO world, but the demigods are surprising kiddies, so no spoilers on that front ;). Also, never be afraid to ask me questions. In fact, ask me all the questions. Answering them makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
          Also, very glad that you stan Hestia, because honestly, same. We love a sister who doesn't take anyone's shit. Also, Poseidon and Hades? I just love them, so much??? Thanks, again for being so nice, and also, sorry for rambling! Oh, and like I said, questions are super, super welcome, anytime.

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          1. Okay, great! Can’t wait to read more :)) Also! Another question because you said I could (hehe) (also though, if you think any of my questions will spoil the story, you don’t have to answer. I won’t mind), is it going to be friendly/brotherly bonding or will it lead to romance? Or will it kind of be like mine where the reader can infer themselves if it’s either or? Either way, I’m always down for Poseidon and Hades in any form of relationship lol. Again, love this!

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            1. Yay! More questions! I'll just be careful how I answer, 'cause I'm sneaky like that, don't worry. To be honest, I still haven't made up my mind just because of how many options are open. Think about the endless possibilities and scenarios that could go either way! So, to properly answer, I'm not too sure. Maybe like super, super subtle romance? As for Poseidon and Hades, yes, agree, wholeheartedly, they're great on their own and even better together. So lovely, I cry ;-;. Thanks so much, again!

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              1. Okay, great! And I totally understand btw. (Being perfectly honest my entire fic I just went with the flow lol). If your writing this and it feels more brotherly, go for brotherly, and if it feels more romantic, go for romantic! I’m sure I’ll enjoy either way :)))
                (And subtle romance is cool too, if you want to keep it at that. Just go with what feels right, and I’m sure it will turn out great!)

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                1. Thanks! Honestly, at the end of this, I think might be as surprised as everyone else, but that's the fun of it. We'll see! (And I really do hope that it turns out as well it deserves).

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