Comment on Subject: A Comprehensive Report

  1. Great first chapter! The e-mails and incident report create a solid background outlining how things have changed from canon.

    I like that Midoriya is written as competent but not without faults, far to many writers who show him developing new skills forget to include weaknesses. His tendency to rush in or overextend himself seems to not have changed much except that here he has people reminding him to call for backup WHO ARE ACTUALLY CAPABLE OF PROVIDING IT. The notebooks are also very fitting, he really does go all in when focused on something for better or worse.

    "That's not a good joke. _ And that goes for both of them"
    The first e-mails are gold, especially when compared with those at the end. From "Look at this cutie!..." to "Please tell me that this is an elaborate prank. Midoriya-kun is already terrifying!", Izuku sure looks different on paper and in real life. When the interns first heard from the polite and smart middle schooler they weren't expecting this.

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