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  1. Adjustments are fine. You're way beyond your posting schedule anyway. ˆˆ,

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    1. Ah, but I've gotten into the habit of posting the next day if I get any comments for this one.

      I don't get nearly as much comments as other writers,'s my way of rewarding the comments I do get without resorting to 'comment or I won't post another chapter' tactics I've seen other's use.

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      1. That is some very good positive reinforcement, but the problem is that people won't know why you post in an irregular schedule. We're just not that smart. ;) And never feel pressured into posting tomorrow just because I comment. Follow your schedule, or at least a pace you can live with. This is entertainment for free, We're not allowed to have any demands.

        People do read without commenting, I do too. I try to comment, but sometimes I just feel like I'm repeating myself, especially in a fic with many short chapters. Don't let it get you down. I read every single chapter of this story, but my schedule is tight, so sometimes, it takes a day or two to read the chapters, and I'm reluctant to comment a chapter when a new one is already up. Keep writing, because I'm here reading, even if I don't always comment. I also know the feeling, because I have works I'm very pleased with that hasn't gotten much kudos and comments. Think about your niche. Rare pairs, and OCs are harder to get attention for. I rarely read OC-centric fanfics myself. Roll with it, and be proud, because this is still a good fic.

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        1. Hmm, you have a point...I was still trying to chase the 'popular' game, when I just watched a vid yesterday about not being an 'artist jock' (popular for the sake of being popular) instead of just being an 'artist' (focusing on quality, rather than quantity..essentially).

          It's a bit of a catch 22 though. Don't ask/beg for comments...but without (good) comments, you won't know what people think of your work, or where you need to improve.

          Unfortunately, a lot of people won't accept anything but aft pats for their work, thus scaring away those that honestly want to help them improve....

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          1. It is a fine line to walk, because we all want some validation. We can say that we do it for ourselves all we want, but if we were truly doing it just for ourselves, we wouldn't post it anywhere, would we?

            I totally agree. Good comments can really help one evolve so much as a writer. Bad ones can really be demoralizing too. We need to remember that not everyone will enjoy the path we're taking. Especially in this posting format. If we're here for the long haul and have a good endgame, there might be people who doesn't have the patience with the slow build, because slow build is different when you can just stay up another 40 min and read another chapter. It's an entirely different thing when it is 300 words a day, and you have to wait and wait and wait...

            If I'm allowed to give you any advice, I'd say more feels. The Sucker punch-in-the-gut feels. Put yourself in Flashwing's position; what does he feel? Say it, in his/your words. Instead of telling us that they touch him all over, go : Unwanted servos on his wings, caressing in a way only lovers should be allowed to, Digits slipping through his folds, slick with lubricant he hates his frame for producing... Something like that. It's all in here, and I know you can do it! You just need to put that awful, disgusting feeling into words, and it isn't always nice to find that feeling, but it's so worth it in the end... You're more than halfway there, you just need to get that extra gross edge across. I really hope you don't mind me saying this, because I do it out of love, and I see your potential for doing this. Don't be afraid to go poetic. Someone's voice sounds like too many cy-gars and high grade? Fuck, just tell us that. You own this story, don't be afraid to say that a verbal correction sounds like a black eye. We'll read it and love it! 😘

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            1. Thank you for the advice! I'll give it my best shot (may need to 'convince' Flash to stop rebelling on me so I can more easily read what he is feeling...the bastard).

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              1. Characters are hard like that. (Just imagine the trauma of knowing that every single thing Barricade's bastard master has ever done comes from me... I can taste those lines on my tongue when I write him, all the while my beloved Cade is crawling on the floor, scared of the whip I can feel in my hand, and at the same time, I know every single thing Barricade is feeling at that point, every ounce of fear and disgust...) The hard to read part of Flash is his inner conflict, and it is one of the very good things in this story, because his frame and his mind might be at odds, and that just makes it more powerful. If someone touches him, he doesn't want it, of course, but his frame responds nonetheless, and that makes him hate himself. So much... ugh. Just ugh.

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                1. And when you are working on a story with multiple can be a real pain in the aft! Working on my main series, I occasionally hit a wall where the character involved just went 'nope'. Sometimes the only way to get around it is to approach the scene in a different way....

                  That adjustment, btw, became a whole new chapter....So...31 chaps total at present.

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                  1. Definitely!

                    Yeah, I experience that sometimes now that they are interacting more. I usually give one of the characters an extra chapter to go more in-depth, and it solves itself.

                    I'm not gonna to complain 'bout am extra chapter! ;)

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                    1. If only it was so easy with some of mine! *Glares at Wheeljack*

                      Wheeljack: *sticks out his glossa*

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                      1. :D

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