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  1. I kinda doubt the royal torture would go down that easily I'm afraid, ain't he marked by the outsider as well? Cause I remember getting the shit scared out of me when he used pull on me, and Daud mentioned some point that the marked have a high tolerance to poison and sleep darts did fuck all on daud.

    But also I'm really bouncing and super curious to the nature and limitations of corvo's shapeshifting, and if they are others like him that are sort of cryptics in a way, like how many times did daud see shit like this to not still be surprised by all it and even go far as make comparation to corvo and a normal wolfhound, and what other sort of stuff does corvo turn to? Can he turn to a dishonored version of a dragon?? I'm really excited in seeing how far this story is gonna go.
    And when the outsider meant that their marks are chained together I gotta know how that's gonna go.

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    1. I do mention in the next chapter that he's more resistant to physical damage, but it's still torture - four months of continued, sustained damage that he's not allowed to heal from is going to take its toll. He heals faster, definitely, but it isn't anywhere near the Deadpool kind of healing.

      Although I didn't know about Daud and the Marked being dart and poison resistant - I always just sneak up behind him and choke him out, so I've never tried to use a sleep dart on him. I wonder if that's why Corvo didn't die when the Loyalists poisoned him?

      And about Daud not being surprised - from what I know his mother was a Pandyssian herbalist abducted by pirates and she took control of their ship, where she concieved Daud; he was taken from his mother when he was fairly young, Marked, and then became an assassin. I don't think much surprises him at this point.

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      1. It would not be a corvo dishonored fic if it did not touch on the healing aftermath of torture so yeah I agree with ya.

        It's my personal hc that that's sort of why the outsider didn't give him a choice in marking corvo, no way was a tortured man of six months gonna survive the plauged streets AND get poisoned without something to help keep him alive (course I also believed that if corvo never escaped himself the outsider would never consider him interesting enough to keep alive- but this is the main game not the fic)

        And shit I didn't know all that bout daud's mom I just figured her being pandyssian was fanon everyone just went with. She is a fuckin badass.

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        1. Be warned I only know that because I occasionally check the Dishonored wiki to make sure I'm not barking mad and making up facts, so it's possible the wiki's just using fanon conjecture too.

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        2. But yeah, she sounds brilliant.

          I hadn't actually thought about why the Outsider marked Corvo - I always assumed it was just because he likes to give power to 'the outsiders' and you don't exactly get more outsider than a commoner Serkonan in the middle of xenophobic nobility, and since Corvo was a guaranteed investment on being interesting because he'd cause shedloads of trouble for people trying to save Emily he figured hey, give the rat dad some cool powers. Then again, didn't Granny Rags used to be someone right in the thick of court intrigue? I think I remember the Heart mentioning an emperor asked for her hand, so I don't know.

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          1. Yep, Granny Rags was a noble named Vera that went a bit coo-coo crazy. Some of her stuff is in Dishonored 2 in the basement of the asylum and only rich important people went there for treatment back then. Can't remember if the mark drove her nuts or if she got the mark BECAUSE she was crazy and therefore interesting to the outsider. I wanna say the former option though...

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            1. Could be a bit of both, maybe. I knew she was a noblewoman who went mad but I didn't know she was sectioned - haven't actually played Dishonored 2 yet - but it might be that she was something of an outlier, picked up a bonecharm or a rune and became a bit obsessed with it. Outsider found it interesting, decided to give her a Mark which enabled her bone addiction, and boom! Vera became a crazy rat lady.

              It's also possible that part of Granny Rags' madness came from her stay in the asylum - Dishonored is obviously inspired by Victorian England, and if their asylum follows as closely as I think it does then part of Vera's 'treatment' would basically amount to torture, and that's enough to send anyone mad.

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