Comment on Not Drake but Jill: Act 2

  1. Yay making people happy!
    I’m glad you liked the journals because I wasn’t entirely sure people would. I’ve got a few more planned. Dwemer Ruins 2 is done (probably Chapter 19) and covers the Aetherium related quests. We’ll see what Ancano makes of that…
    As for Ancano himself, I’ve always felt that the purpose of his assignment to the College was more to report on people’s research than to report on the people themselves (who couldn’t possibly be a threat to the Dominion because the College is staunchly apolitical and (insert racist feelings about faculty and students here)). Though in-game he clearly makes an exception for the dragonborn after he realizes the Psijics are interested in them. We’ll see how much that holds true in my story.
    But, generally, you are right. Alexa is currently allowing the immediate issues around discovering she is dragonborn to distract her from addressing the more strategic – long term – problems around her history with the Thalmor. Hopefully she’ll get around to addressing those (now that she can’t just run away again) before someone presents Ondolemar with a “Justiciar Execution Order” for a Breton mage named Sikendra de’Arthe.


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