Comment on Not Drake but Jill: Act 2

  1. Wow, back with a bang!

    Oooh, Sanguine, so happy to see his stupid quest turned into something worthwhile! Always thought he was sexy, and the end of the quest ingame is actually incompatible with him being the prince of debauchery, since the DB doesn't get anything but a staff at the end- not even a drink, much less an orgy!

    Would Alexa really tell off Ulfric while bound in a cart heading to an execution?? Must have been bothering her for some time. Kinda gives away the game's little plot line prematurely, though. I would have her musing on the Thalmor's known history of 'turning' captives and then releasing them as hidden agents, and then asking Ulfric if he really escaped from them or was allowed to escape, and is he sure he's not furthering their agenda, given that his rebellion is destabilizing the empire just as the Thalmor want?

    But happy to have you skip Delphine's quest line, as I don't like her either. Imagine her telling the DB, who the Blades historically serve, to go kill a dragon to prove she's the DB??!! Aren't dragons kin to the DB? Why should the DB kill her kin just to prove something to Delphine? And why should the DB have to prove anything to Delphine, who's just an innkeeper now? How is this keeping her Blade oath? Would Talos have ever put up with crap like that? I think not.

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