Comment on One More Silver Dollar

  1. Dear author, I'm so sorry I'm so late. My only excuses are life and Christmas, happening with great force as they sometimes do, but that aside.

    This story is everything I could have wanted, and then some. Where do I start? The balcony and the falling Yokosuka night, the last summer of freedom, everything poised on the brink. The mixture of everyday things and the constant closeness of the end. I particularly enjoyed - well, beside everything - the unwilling comparison Otoji makes between himself and Tooru (oh, so true), Joe sitting in Otoji's sax-playing spot, Lily sliding sideways into the conversation even if she's never actually mentioned (what a metaphor she is for Yokosuka itself). Do I even need to mention the characterisation is wonderful? That Joe would totally pull a stunt like that, maybe even without the weed high, and that Otoji is my favourite thing about this and balanced exquisitely between being practical and defiant.

    And the dialogue, of course, always the dialogue. It's there that their situation really shines through: two headstrong kids playing with forces that should by all means be able to crush them, and enjoying the ride. But you still get hungry at the end of the day, and the best thing about the flat is the view.

    This is sharp-edged and mellow and altogether lovely. I couldn't have asked for more.

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