Comment on Aunt Valerie

  1. It....took me until reading this comment to remember that Magic School Bus had an episode about sound (not sure why, you didn't mention the episode or anything *shrug emoji*) and now my mind is blown I could insert some Carlos introspection right there.

    I'm glad you approve of the outfit! I had a few different options, but I didn't like how extra-unfinished that made the fic look, so when I got even one (1) opinion on it I went in and changed it. I believe initially the options were crocs, women's boots, and socks-and-sandals, or something similar, but he was always going to be wearing leggings as pants. And I was torn between Hawaiian shirt and spiderwolves jersey and then realized it was MORE TERRIBLE IF I PUT THEM TOGETHER PERFECT

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    1. A field of stars, one of which is significantly brighter and larger than the rest.

      Yes, good idea! (I think this exchange has given me a seed for a fic, lol. Not based on yours, but drawing from a similar source.)

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