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  1. Yay! *claps* Definitely, definitely worth the dare. I can't believe you wrote this so quickly. I LOLed at this line: ‘Hang on a minute. I think this fantasy’s going somewhere I hadn’t planned.’ *snerk* oh Raj. I like how he can't control his own fantasy from breaking through the fourth wall or from going in a completely different direction than he wanted it to. Oh well, obviously he just doesn't understand what he wants yet XD

    Now you're giving me ideas about writing a fic about fantasy!Penny and who uses her where and in what context.

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    1. Once the idea got into my head it all just happened, including the abuse of various permutations of the word 'spill', LKH style. I couldn't write it too seriously because it just wouldn't work that way.

      Please do write that fic; it'd be freakin' awesome.

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