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  1. "What about?"

    "Jimmy Hoffa." The young man looked at him, with frank incredulity, and Byers had to admit, faced with that look, that it had been a fairly stupid fight, and a fairly stupid thing to fight over.

    Torch, I come back to your X-files writing during the sad winter months, and years and years after this was written and posted, I still think about this joke and laugh. It is really one of the best, most in-character and culturally realistic X files lines ever, I feel like I know and have seen this beautifully dumb argument play out among activists countless times and poor Byers’ sad, prickly, respectable “fairly stupid thing to fight over” is just such good character voice. Thank you for writing this, it’s small and distilled and perfect.

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    1. I want to start this reply in three different ways at the same time... long blather short, though, it makes me very happy to think that this little story can light up a moment of a dark season! I like to think that people as close as the Gunmen, and with their particular interests, would have some arguments that they just couldn't stop themselves from having, even if they knew 1, that it was stupid and 2, that they were right. The combination of 1 and 2 would just keep things going (and going and going). Thank you so much for this comment! :)

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