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  1. *whoops & hollers* Yes, I'm so glad you decided to take up this prompt, Littlefeather! You're one of my favorite writers... Slowly reading through all of your works! I've read The Long Journey Home, What Dreams May Come, Wild At Heart & A Man of Honor over and over again. Every word is perfection! I found you on another site, so glad to find you here! Still new to Sansan & this site, but learning my way around! Thank you for the countless hours of entertainment & joy you've given me. You're simply wonderful, Littlefeather... :D

    Btw, can we just kick Cat, Lysa & Littlefinger in the crotch? :D LOL

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    1. Woohoo! Thank you so much for reading my fics, and welcome to the sansan ship. It's the best when readers share what they enjoy in your fics!

      Definitely kick Lysa and Petyr, but maybe hold back on Cat for a while ;)

      You can find me on Tumblr at thefeatherofhope, so come on over and squee with me!

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      1. *hugs* Thank you for the warm welcome, LittleFeather! :D I just started a Tumblr account (today) to keep up with the fandom & the authors I enjoy so much. I'm still learning my way around here & trying to figure Tumblr out as well. I'm currently working on Sandor's Feelings Reveled. I have so many of your works saved to read. When I found you on the other site, I saved this or that story just by reading the descriptions never realizing I was saving most of your works... :D You are truly wonderful & amazing...

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        1. Awww, thank you, you're so sweet!

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