Comment on führe mich, halte mich

  1. I’ve read ur whole comment a few times since this morning and I’ve been working on shit all day so I haven’t gotten a chance to respond but I honestly gotta tell you you made my stupid stoic ass cry. I literally teared up, this is the best comment I have ever gotten on anything that I’ve written thank u so much
    I’m so glad you liked t and that you thought my bottom Schneider was good and in character bc ngl I don’t hc schnoot as bottoming Paul but I wanted to deliver it in an in character and still hot way lmao!!!!!/$:$:&/&/@‘a so I’m jut really glad you likednit and now I’m going to go scream because this comment was so detailed and sweet <33 I’m glad u were genuinely impressed I’m not sure how I accomplished that but THANk u

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